Sorry for the delay in this announcement, there have been many mitigating circumstances.

The computer was smart. I have been offered a position in Cornell’s Anthropology PhD Program with funding.

[Cornell Logo]Some of you already knew this. Others guessed it. For a variety of reasons I needed to keep it under wraps until I had the chance to talk with some key people. I’m really excited! Blown away in fact. I’ll be working on Citizen Journalism in the US. I’ve already been back and forth a few times to Ithaca and this really seems to be the program for me.

As to why not much blogging has gone on, there’s always a balance. With good comes bad. Dre’s had another lupus flare and spent time in Rochester General Hospital. We keep learning more about this disease and with that comes a lot of frustrations. Today we found out that things are a little more complex than we had thought. And right now that’s weighing a bit on my mind.

We’re both really excited about the future and there’s lots more to come over the next few weeks.