Last Friday 13 sutures came out of my finger and thankfully everything remained attached — I had been haunted by a cartoon image of the top of my finger flipping open as soon as the stitches came out.The healing has progressed really well; better in fact than my surgeon expected (how’s that for confidence in your patients). Due to the loss of tissue, the finger will most likely have an uneven look, but all and all he thinks everything should be o.k.

What has been a bit strange is the “hard candy shell” (comprised of dead skin) that’s formed over the tip of the finger. I’m told that it will peel off one of these days (the shell, not the finger). For the moment though, I can’t feel anything through it, which leads me to wonder how much of my sense of touch that I’ll have.

Still, I feel really lucky.

Especially since I’m forced to keep my middle finger splinted and held up high. Which is strangely therapeutic:


Oh, and in response to LadyGoat’s comment from a few days ago, I did a hell of a job on the bushes before the accident! Check out this artistry:

The bushes

Ok, so now onto the nc-17 part of this post, if you dare, you can see pictures of the finger carnage. For everyone’s sake, they’re after the jump…

Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you. First of all, I give you blood on the house and the walk:


(note: blood splatter + cat staring through you = creepy)


(blood on the concrete)

Ok… so onto the good stuff

Front view:


(note the “hard dead skin shell”)

and the back:


(they had to remove most of my fingernail in order to stitch the finger back together. You can see the little bit left at the bottom of the nail bed. That bit of nail will (hopefully) allow a new nail to grow back in.)