Things have been moving fast the last few months. The RIT Innovation Fest was a success and has led to a lot of good publicity and opportunities for the OPL. Then there was the race to graduation and the bittersweet experience of saying goodbye, for now, to a number of excellent students. And since then there’s been lots of activity at RIT and in our house.

Which leads me to the new addition to our household, a sweet beagle/jack russell mix named Rita Mae:

[Dre and Rita Mae]

Dre and Rita Mae taken the day we went down to meet her. 

Dre had wanted to get a dog for quite a while and I finally realized what was good for me and got with the program. So we began to look at local animal shelters and at rescue dog sites, trying find an older dog to adopt (neither of us was interested in getting a puppy). The key thing was finding a pooch that would get along with our cats (as they obviously have seniority).

After a lot of searching and having a few dogs adopted before we could meet them, Dre came across <a href=””>Rita Mae</a> and immediate feel in love with her. Rita was rescued from a high kill shelter in Kentucky by a group in Ithaca and has been living peaceably with other dogs and cats at a foster home.

We finally got to meet Rita Mae in person this past Thursday (after a phone interview and a home inspection) and there was no doubt she is the dog for us. We visited with her for a couple hours, took her for a walk, saw how she interacted with other animals, and got lots and lots of kisses from her. We just got the news yesterday that the adoption is a done deal and we’ll be going back to Ithaca on Friday to pick her up!

Needless to say, we can’t wait to bring her home. So more pictures and stories are coming soon.