It’s been a busy 24 hours or so. Yesterday, Dre and I traveled to Ithaca to bring Rita Mae home. As I type this she’s laying quietly next to Dre.

Everyone is adjusting well. Or perhaps I should say as well as we could hope. The cats, when we see them, still are not sure what to make of RM. Lewis is intrigued, but keeping a cautious distance. Lilah had decided the safest place to be is on the opposite extreme of the house, under the largest piece of furniture she can find. On the plus side, this used to be her reaction to human visitors – so we’re pretty sure she might one day be ok with being on the same floor (if not the same room) with RM. RM’s fine with the cats. Her tail starts to wag everytime she spots one and she hasn’t shown the least bit of interest in chasing them.

She loves car rides and was as good as gold on the trip back to Rochester. This morning she went with us to buy a couple extra toddler gates — we’re sectioning of her free roam of the house in hopes of helping the cats adjust. She also helped us choose new plants for our gardens at Country Way Garden Center.

We’re all getting used to this new dynamic and we’re all pleased (we’ll at least us humans) with the new addition to the house. Here’s a Flickr Slide show of pictures taken from yesterday (the trip into Ithaca, picking Rita Mae up, and bringing her home).