• Installing latest build of Windows Mobile on my phone. I've gotten the reinstall of my entire system down to 15 minutes! #
  • Woot! @TimOReilly retweeted one of my @RITOPL posts on the new dual screen ebook readers. See the related article http://bit.ly/1LDjFM #
  • I am addicted to the Symphony of Science autotunning mashups of Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, Steven Hawkings and others – http://bit.ly/2N8IIW #
  • Got questions about eInk technology? The OPL is going to interview eInk Corp (http://bit.ly/QX27u). Please send us questions to ask. #
  • @laerm just made me realize that we need new "e" and "i" ligatures (like eI, eR and iP) for all this new tech > @garretvoorhees get on it! #
  • Life Magazine has a sense of humor — "30 Dumb Inventions" including a number of different "super cigarettes" – http://bit.ly/9RMGW #
  • Interested in political talk? An solid analysis on the 'problem' talk radio causes the GOP from @daveweigel: http://bit.ly/1kxW8f #
  • RZA of the Wu Tang Clan: "Me being a geek helped hip hop grow" & "I'd rather raise nerds than raise gangsters." http://bit.ly/3xYktf #
  • GAH! Sugar pumpkin so hard to cut… $@!#$ Pot luck…. #

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