(or why all of these eReader related posts?)

My winter break is almost over and I’ll be heading back to Big Red soon. It’s been an interesting few weeks, filled with a lot of background work both on anthro stuff and on work for the Open Publishing Lab. Part of my goal is to bring both together in my new OPL role as a Researcher-At-Large. In that position, I’ll be representing the OPL at different events, like the upcoming Tools of Change, and generating research on the future of reading. And, it’s that work on the future of reading that ties directly in with my PhD research on the future of text based journalism. There are lots of threads to follow here.

So I’m in the process of getting back to using the blog as a central location for research and my development of thoughts-in-progress. I’ve also set a resolution to write 1000 words at least every other day. Thus the blog is also going to become a home for that content.

Will I be sharing personal information on the blog? Sure — when it’s deserving of essay format. For the most part, I’ve found that most of that stuff ends up on either my Twitter feed or my Facebook page.

So that’s about it. Now back to your (and my) previously scheduled lazy afternoon.