• Putting the final touches on a paper and then going to finish writing my #RITRead summation… Today's going to be extra productive! #
  • RT @stevenbjohnson After 9 yrs on ice, the archives of FEED magazine, 1 of the web's first pubs, are back online http://bit.ly/9QXP70 #
  • Thanks to @ljc 's tweet, I'm so in the midst of skriddle envy! Mmmm crispy, melty lunch! #
  • Turning in a paper is an almost euphoric feeling! #
  • ?: Would you agree to buying 20 eBooks in a year if you got a Wireless #eReader (Kindle/Kobo/Nook) for free? #
  • RT @xanthm: I just asked B&N employee if they let her borrow nook to test at home. She laughed & said "no." #FAIL <- this is a big issue #
  • In the process of DL'ing the finale of this season/series of #DoctorWho … Very interested to see if they wrap the story well…\ #
  • Woot! #DoctorWho finale was the best since the series restarted! #

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