• Trying to writing about an #ethnography that fails precisely because it almost succeeds is really kicking my butt! #writersblock #
  • RT @BiellaColeman: I am in Rio One More Night! My flight is 17 hours delayed! (+ #RandPaul = sign! We'll miss U but U belong to brazil now) #
  • @hughmcguire Congratz on the news of a new arrival (or should I say edition) to the world and your family! #
  • @nancybaym – can't recommend a qualitative analysis package, but would you tweet whatever consensus suggestions you get? #
  • RT @davidberiss Restaurant guide for AAA meeting in New Orleans, along w/ links to reliable bar lists: http://wp.me/pLqnj-5N #food #AAA2010 #
  • Hey #AAA10 #anthro peeps — should the social "we" try to organize a tweet up in New Orleans? #

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