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I’m at cornell for a workshop. Classes for me ended last Friday, though a great deal of writing remains. And I haven’t been able to get into that groove yet. In part, it’s been that a number of things popped up at the OPL that I felt I needed to give my attention to. But it’s also that I feel like I need to revisit a lot of texts before I can really start. That said, I really don’t have enough time to do that. So, in the Nike sense, I just have to do it… or rather write it.

Things are crazy. Dre and I are trying to sneak away for a few days. So I don’t expect to have any updates until next week. Then all hell will be breaking loose as things are starting both at RIT and Cornell. Plus things with the Loop are going on as well. Fun, fun, fun.

Where did the summer go?





Today was RIT’s convocation. Tomorrow is commencement for our college. It’s weird wearing the hood and being on the “other side” of the ceremony. As many might have heard (or saw above), Bill Clinton was out speaker. I have a lot to write about it, but no time right now. So I present his speech, digital recorded. Sorry about the up front moving the recorder noise.

While the site address hasn’t changed, the .RSS file has. You can now find out the latest in my life at:

Thanks for the switch.

– Matt

Or at least being driven by a blogger engine. I got WordPress running tonight. It’ll be a bit before I switch the blog over. I still have to redesign the template. But you can check out my humble beginnings at: