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So we still don’t have a kitchen..

Changing Kitchen

It’s been two+ weeks. Eating out is getting old fast for Dre (and for me too as I often brought food back to Ithaca). This isn’t our contractors fault. We’ve  had problems with coordinating things like the arrival of the right appliances at the right time, getting the granite carving finished, etc. Plus we had to switch some appliances due to space limitations (our first fridge was too big).

For some reason kitchens don’t seem to go in as easy as they come out. And speaking of coming out, here’s a funny little story. So our contractors remove the cabinets:

Tearing out cabinet

Cabinets coming out

And what do they find? Trash from the people who built the house:


40 year old donut

Seriously… empty Styrofoam cups, beer bottle caps, crumpled cigarette cartons (do they even make Viceroy cigarettes any more) and the topper: a donut. Ok, so the house was built in 1970. So that is (for all intents an purposes) a 40 YEAR OLD DONUT! A 40 year old, petrified (really) donut. That’s giving a twinkie a run for it’s money in the “staying power” department as far as we’re concerned. Even Rita Mae knew enough to go no where near that thing.*

As for the cats reaction to this…

Cats review kitchen 2

Cats review kitchen 1

Lewis the Cat: “This is a total Diaper Show….”

* – BTW note the grease stain on the bag. My only message to the people who built my house is “Stay Classy Guys… Stay Classy!”

RIT is counting down the days to the Innovation Festival. At Cornell we’re counting down days until the end of term. And at 15 Hampton Way, we’re counting down the days until we have a new kitchen.

It began with getting a new floor. And then we realized that the new floor would make the cabinets look worse. So we decided to upgrade the cabinets. Then the contractors suggested a number of great ideas. Suddenly closets were being knocked out, new doors are being planned, granite is being bought, etc. And with that, we crossed the final threshold: new appliances.

Quoth the Godfather: “Every time we try to get out, they keep pulling us back in.”

And as this post would be useless without pictures, behold the kitchen as it currently stands:

Kitchen Deconstructed The old linoleum floor has already been torn out, the closet that used to be to the left of the picture has been removed. The cabinets will be torn out this weekend. On Wednesday, our new cabinets arrived:

Bringing in the new

Checking the order

So currently our garage is filled with a bunch of new Hickory cabinets, which as it turns out are “eco-friendly” — not sure what that means:

Cabinets that you can feel good about and, without further adieu,  behold the new cabinets:

Meet new hickory!