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Wow. Within two hours of the blog yesterday I got the first entry from my friend Heather! She’s definitely pushing a GQ thing… She also sent me this picture of the glasses she added to my picture. Any thoughts? Comments? (I really need to get that feature running) Or better yet, any other submissions? Check the blog below for detail!

not so talkative robert

Last night I was in Syracuse attending a Q&A session with Kevin Smith! Yup, Mr Mallrats-Clerks-Silent Bob-Daredevil-Green Arrow himself. It was a cool experience. Kevin started around 7.45 and finally stopped at about 11.30pm. Half the audience had left (thankfully it seemed to be the half that asked dumb questions) by the end. Highlights included a call to Jason “the Pimp Master” Mewes (also known as Jay) and Smith calling a girl from the audiences’ estranged boyfriend to help them get back together. In both cases the people responses were shared with the audience by pressing the phone up to the microphone. He told a lot of stories, dealt with tons of hecklers and stupid questions (hour one pretty much was Smith vs. every jackass in the audience), and shared a little wisdom. He also showed a video of outtakes from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Or rather he let it play while he snuck out for a quick smoke. All and all the night was a lot like his movies: undisciplined, a little too long, lots of genitalia jokes, a lot of heart and some flashes of brilliance.

While I didn’t get to meet him after the show, I did ask a question that caused us to have a short conversation during the show. Thankfully I stopped before the audience turned on me. Other people who did the same thing later in the night were not so lucky. Last month it was Rollins. This month Smith. I can only wonder what December holds.