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On Friday, August 6, Techcrunch reported that Nicholas Negroponte, chairman emeritus of MIT’s Media Lab and founder of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) association, proclaimed that the physical book would be dead in five years. A short article that I wrote in response to the subject is now live at Internet Evolution. Normally I’d mirror it here, but since there’s a lively discussion going on there, I’, just going to link to it instead. Give it a read and join the conversation!

I’m also happy to announce that our panel “Virtuality, Simulation, and Social Life” got accepted for this year’s American Anthropological Association Conference! Even more exciting, one of my discussants is an “anthro hero” of mine: Lucy Suchman! How cool is that!

Thats about it! School starts next week and I’m heading down to Ithaca this weekend.

Here’s some followup media from around the Web on last week’s Ithaca Ignite. As I find more articles and pages I’ll append this list.

THE LOOP has soft launched. A news r&d project, run by Rochester’s Gannett paper, the Democrat and Chronicle, the Loop is a college focused news magazine. What makes it unique is that the end result has been developed and created by a team of students from 8 of our area colleges (basically everyone but the University of Rochester). One of my students from the School of Print, Heather Hynes, is responsible for the visual design of the site.

My involvement with the project has been as an adviser and a researcher. Basically, I’ve spent a few days a week in at the D&C sitting with the team, discussing online content production, and getting their views on the news. This is all part of my grounding for the work I’ll be doing at Cornell. It also is material I’ll be bringing back to my courses this year at RIT.

Oh, and all the cool kids have installed the Loop Facebook App and follow the Loop on twitter.

Things are slowing here. Some of our creators have given in to sleep (I think our collection is going to have a number of Eastman Variations). We attribute it to this hunk of kryptonite we discovered in Vicky’s soda.

BTW, make sure to check out the offical blog/archive of 24 Hour Comic Day located here.

I just noticed that the photo of Scott McCloud and  "How to draw comics the Marvel way" displayed below, has appeared on The Beat, a comics industry site. Unfortunately, I expect that Henry Jenkins will get more traffic from the article than I will (deservedly so — the dude is frickin’ smart). Either way, thanks for the nod Heidi!