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If you tuned in for a few moments, you would have caught the old blog index up for a moment or two. I’m switching around my .RSS feed and have had a couple issues. It’s all resolved now… I think.

Part of my goal for this blog is to begin to get more and more of my research work up here as an early review system. So while I still will be writing about my daily goings on (and including the occaisional photo or two), there will be a bit of a shift towards longer, more scholarly posts. My hope is to take advantage of the categories feature and present different views of the blog based on the content that you are interested in.

In the meantime, let me tell you that trying to import word documents into WordPress sucks. It took me more than an hour yesterday to get the post rendering correctly. That’s mainly due to Microsoft’s wonky specialized HTML tags. Bleh. Any suggestions on streamlining that process are greatly appreciated.

I thought the following was too funny to not be blogged about — while visiting the RIT library to pick up a couple XML books for the previously mentioned XML project, I came across the following:


OK folks, Sesame Street time. Hum along with me — “Which one of these things is not like the other….” I didn’t know that Jamie Oliver, the famed Naked Chef, was an XML expert and that Happy Days with the Naked Chef was a seminal work in the field. What makes the entire thing more funny is that the somewhat blurry, lower picture demonstrates, this book wasn’t misfiled. According to its ID information, it’s in exactly the right spot.

I leave it up to you, gentle reader, to decide what this might say about the RIT Library’s filing system.

Today I took my first steps towards cross-media publishing. During my last years at, I was constantly discussing XML and how it could be used to facilitate the production of websites. But I never actually worked with the nitty gritty: tagging content and creating XLS files. Now however, I’m taking my tentative first steps towards the intimidating and immensely powerful world of XML.

Part of my interest is the cross-media (and by media I mean distribution media) possibilities that XML holds. Done properly you can generate printed collateral, web content, cell phone content, PSP content, etc. — all from the same core file. It holds a lot of interesting possibilities that have some terrific applications for extending the written word.

Anyway, today I sat down with Adobe InDesign and tagged up a school of printing publication. The next step will be to build the conversion files (XLS and DTD) for it and see if it can be churned into HTML. Once that???s set then it???s a matter of cranking out the right CSS and pulling the entire thing together. (Hmmm??? I know that last paragraph just lost about half of my readers??? sorry mom).

Suggestions on good XML resources are always welcome! And now it’s back to researching material for my classes and perhaps getting a little writing on GooglePrint done.