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Ok quick review on things:

Done Items:

  • applications for PhD programs – Check. Cornell, NYU, and Columbia are all in. I just confirmed that Cornell has all my materials. So things are good there.
  • redesign for WordPress – Check. Things seem to finally be holding together and the Frank Cost youTube isn’t blowing the page out anymore. I also upgraded WordPress. I have to say that, plus the new version of Firefox is a great combination (in particular FireFox’s built in spell checking).
  • Finally, got the PS2 hooked up again and rocked out with Guitar Hero. Drea rocked to. We rocked hard. Thanks again Aaron.

Mostly Done Items

  • grading – all but caught up.
  • revised CV/Resume – one last edit to go.
  • filing the past few month’s mail – just about there.

Still to do

  • Finish writing and uploading the rest of the website.
  • Revise my thesis for the next round of publications tries.
  • Get consulting gigs up and running.
  • Work on wiki research.
  • Get back on exercise program.

Still, Aught-Seven is off to a good start.

As you can see there’s a bit of redesign going on. My goal is to get the site simpler and faster loading. I’m also going to be adding some additional content soon. So please, let me know what you think.

Ok, so I’ve been offline for a few days, suffering through a bit of a cold. Awaiting for me on my return to the internet were 63! spam comments, held in my WordPress moderation cue. While the spam situation has been bad, this is off the chart. A long while ago, Mike Zucca suggested a few steps to prevent them — I think its time to actually make them happen.

Oh well, happy Fourth of July all.

So I’m just getting this to the point that I like it and I’m considering totally switching templates. The choice is not so much because I don’t like the look of Connections (this theme). I like it a lot — btw, the new banner image is of the magenta inkwell on a sheet-fed litho press. Unfortunately, it’s doesn’t have some of the back-end interactivity of Kubric.

The other thing that currently is ticking me off about WordPress is that anchor tags1 seem to get edited out of my HTML (possible leading to the accusations of crufty URLs).

1 – Anchors are used to handle footnotes. If the browser jumped to this footnote, then it means the latest version of WordPress recognizes them.2

2 – Woo hoo! They got it fixed!

Since I had a moment to breath today, I figured it was time to tweak the blog a bit. In part that’s because I’ve been following The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web. It’s a web guide based on Robert Bringhurst’s excellent work. Mainly, I’ve been really dissatisfied with a number of things about this design. And since I’m attempting to get a gig in a printing school, I should at least practice what I preach when it comes to type.

What you see below are character counts. I was attempting to restrict this text column to approximately 60 characters (the golden rule is between 45 and 77 characters).