[zotero]For those who are not familiar with it, zotero is a free and insanely useful reference management program that integrates directly into Firefox. Among the new features of Version 2.0, which is just about to exit beta, is an improved annotation tool that allows you to add notes to your bibliographic material. Thanks to it, all of my reading notes now “live” side-by-side with the related articles and books in zotero.

Since the annotation tool is built using the Open-Source WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor, it also means that you can speed up entry by using keyboard shortcuts. The only problem… figuring out what the shortcuts are… So, to help, here’s a list of the ones I’ve discovered through trial, error, and web searches:

Zotero/TinyMCE Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ctrl+z — Undo
  • ctrl+y — Redo
  • ctrl+b — Bold
  • ctrl+i — Italic
  • ctrl+u — Underline
  • ctrl+1 — h1 (headline size 1)
  • ctrl+2 — h2 (headline size 2)
  • ctrl+3 — h3 (headline size 3)
  • ctrl+4 — h4 (headline size 4)
  • ctrl+5 — h5 (headline size 5)
  • ctrl+6 — h6 (headline size 6)
  • ctrl+7 — p (paragraph)

Also in there, but not particularly useful are:

  • ctrl+8 — div (note that you can insert DIV tags into the underlying HTML of a zotero not, but it really doesn’t do anything)
  • ctrl+9 — address (an HTML tag used for tagging physical address info — as in where something is in the real world)?

I’ve been scouring the web for additional shortcuts (in particular I’d love to find indent and quote) but have yet to find anymore. If you’ve discovered any other ones, please leave and comment and I’ll update this list.