I was wandering through Wegmans on Sunday when I came across this: The Republic of Tea’s Botswana Blossom Red Tea (try saying that three times fast). A friend had told me about red tea a few weeks ago and predicted that it would be the big new thing in tea (ok, after re-reading that sentence I realize how dumb it sounds, but I’m leaving it in anyway). I’m happy to report it’s really yummy (they describe the taste as (and I quote): South Africa Rooibos features citrus, apple & the natural sweetness of almonds & vanilla, with the scent of rose petals) and filled with anti-oxidants. Those at kodak.com are welcome to come over and sample.

Gorillaz: the day after

Yesterday I found Josh’s Gorillaz “Fansite” which provides you with the complete backstory of the band. I learned for example why 2d’s eyes are black, why Russels’ eyes are white, and officially confirmed that Noodle (and that’s how it’s spelled) is a, 11 year old girl and she plays the guitar, not the bass.