coming today… i can feel it

I think it’s coming today. I even brought a carrying case in for it. I fully admit that I’ve lost it over this laptop/tablet, but I haven’t embraced the techno geek side of my personality in a while :-).

Yesterday I got the opportunity to work out with a Wu Shu team from Tianjin University, China. They are visting at RIT. I have mixed feelings about Wu Shu and martial arts in China right now. Basically, since the 60’s or so there has been a big movement by the Chinese government to take the Martial Arts, neuter the martial out of them and turn them into more performance arts. Since I study the Chinese Arts more for the martial this doesn’t sit well with me. The general feeling in the broad community is that the best Chinese masters left China years ago. Either way, watching the team in action was great. And I was taught a short Bagua form (that had little to no martial application… big surprise).

At the end of the work out (which was open to the public) the team’s coach came over and invited me to come to Tianjin University in order to study Wu Shu. I politely thanked him, “shei shei,” (through the translator) and declined. Before I get a swelled head I should note that he extended this offer to a number of participants. But if I was ten years younger and not going to Chicago I might have considered the offer.

It’s wierd when you find yourself saying “if I was ten years younger.”

Acer Update

Looks like I might have been wrong. So far nothing. I even visted shipping/recieving. Nothing. No love. Woe is me.