I really need to be sedated

well, the expected sleepless nights have finally hit. I’ve been cleaning/packing since I got home, with the exception of a half an hour where I desperately tried to sleep. I expect this is going to be an all nighter. On the plus side I can feed my occasional Howard Stern habit, what can I say… I’m a New Yorker with prurient tastes.

The apartment is more or less done. Mother nature has been helping in the cleaning process. I had a small flood in the apartment thanks to an open sky light. There wasn’t too much damage, other than the loss of a bunch of papers that I was building up the momentum to throw out anyway.

Purging is your friend is my new mantra. 11×15 really bring things into perspective. Also thanks for LJC for hooking me up with the Chicago welcoming committee! I’d love to get in contact with you folks!

I can’t believe that I’m leaving kodak.com in two days. Well technically one day. I really need to sleep. At the same time I’ve returned to the halcyon student days of “Wow, I managed to stay awake for 24 hours! MY GOD, the world is amazing and everything is so vivid.”

… I expect that around 10.00am I’ll be catching up on much needed sleep at my desk.