The tally of remaining work stands at:

  • 2 short (4 pages each) final essays outstanding from fall quarter. Yes, I know it’s terrible. They’re outlined, I just need to finish them. They’ll be done over the summer
  • 20 page final paper for Culture and Media. The draft of this is done and represents the outline of my thesis. I’ll be handing it in on Wednesday.
  • 10 page paper on how Chinese Medicine is being taught in the states. I have the data, and have parsed it, but I’ve yet to form opinions. This is due on Friday.
  • 20 page paper on Photography. I have no idea where I’m going with this one and it will be worked on over the summer. I have a feeling I’ll be looking at photo blogging.
  • ~40-60 page thesis. The biggie. First draft is due around July 11th. I’ve got approximately 28 pages. So I need to at least double it. This will be the official challenge of the summer. You can take a look at the first pass here.

What can I say my works cut out for me. Less than two weeks before I’m back in Rochester. I really need to start packing.