Ok all. Here’s the deal. I have tons to share, but I can’t share it yet as I’m waiting for confirmation on a few things. Plus I’m finishing MAPSS. Every moment. Every Day. I have a week and a day until my thesis is due. Two weeks after that everything else is due (less actually). And everything that I need to tell you all about (almost) is hanging on me finishing. So that takes total priority. I’m probably not going to blog at all other than the dates in the title bar.

Once I pass those dates, things will change fast, and a lot of news will be flowin’.

In the mean time, I’m getting my phone back from R-Shack. Except it wasn’t my originial phone. And dispite a promise that they would back up the data, they didn’t. So I lost a number of picture (which is a lesson in itself). But more importantly, I think I lost everyone’s contact number (this is especially true for MAPSS people). So when you get the chance, give me a call and say hi! so I can get you back in the phone. Conversely, drop me an e-mail with your digits.

Miss talking to you all. Will write once I’m past the 18th.

– Matt