Thanks for the suggestions regarding the previous post. I’m still working out my response plan for tech gone bad.

The lack of posting has been due to a crazy week at RIT and outside. Much of my time has been eaten up with some grading that I was doing for the Database Publishing Course. I’ve also had a lot of meetings and lectures that I just couldn’t miss. Plus, its difficult to justify blogging when I’m still behind on pulling together my application. It’s clear that writing the teaching statement will be as much of an exercise in pulling teeth as the thesis was. Grrr… I really need to work on overcoming this writers block. Otherwise there will be bigger problems.

FYI – I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to switch the blog over to WordPress. In theory the switch will go down next week. There may not be too many posts in the interim period.

Oh… and for those who are interested, the current GoogleAd’s revenue total is a whopping $0.20. I’m not sure where I’ll be spending it all. Though it does give me a slight wry pleasure knowing that the postage for the check will cost them more than the check itself. Not that have anything against Google… I just appreciate the humor in that situation.