So, as usual, I’ve been blitzed. This is part of the reason: 24 Hour Comics Day. This was a idea dreamed up by Scott McCloud — create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. October 7th is the official 24 Hour Comic Day. RIT’s the only site in New York state and I’m one of the organizers. So that means I’ll be here at our library for 24 hours. That said, I’m not doing a comic :(. Instead I’m opting to document the event. The following is an entry I just uploaded to the 24 Hour Comic Blog.

We’re almost 10 hours in and going strong. The group has decreased to 14 artists, but the work is amazing! And the fun everyone is having is even better!

Here’s a breakdown of the work that’s going on:

The newly formed "Team Awesome" is cranking on the following:

  • Michael – Applesauce.
  • James – The chronicle of how drum major Dan became the drum major for Satan’s marching band.
  • Lindsey – Whether true love exists and the things that draw people together.
  • Alfie – BANG (the end of KILL)

Our other team, Vicky & Laela, are working on "A story that has nothing to do with anything but is really funny — Four characters meet their creators."

As for everyone else, we have:

  • Dan – Nightclaw: the beginning
  • Benjamin – Man on a Mission: One man’s quest to repair to the ozone layer aka hold on you 2 your layers aka deeper still, Ben’s not crazy.
  • Eric – A fantasy action story in search of a title.
  • Kurt – Deaf Buddha: the meaning of life.
  • Dorothy – An autobiographical comic.
  • Chuanshi – X-painters

Here are some random shots from the event. You can see the Flickr page for the event here.:

food and supplies
Pizza, soda (pop), and drawing supplies — all we need for a 24hr Comic Day!
teamAwesome at work
Team Awsome hard at work! Last heard around those parts:
Lindsey: This page, that is only one drawing, is taking a whole long amount of time.
Alfie: Can you be any more emo?
James: Please keep your amazing art over there for a few moments while the rest of us weep.
Some of Lindsey’s work.

Dorothy’s autobiographical work that starts out in Marrakesh.

Dan and a page from Nightclaw

Benjamin’s work on one man’s quest to save the ozone layer.

Deaf Buddah
Kurt hard at work on Deaf Buddha.

Not only are Vikki and Laela a creative team, but they also serve as each other’s models. Laela uses Vikki as a model for a panel.