RIT isn’t the first school that springs to mind when someone says “beautiful campus.” In fact, I’ve heard it described as “neo-grotesque” and the person who said that wasn’t being tongue-in-cheek. Yet, in the wake of the storm, a glistening layer of ice provided a new perspective on our “brick city.”

This was the view from my office window earlier today as snows continued to fall. That’s the Liberal Arts building in the background.

RITchie, the school’s mascot, covered in snow and ice.

Near the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, there is a little garden. It’s always been a favorite spot of mine on campus. If you visit my flickr account you can see this little house from a number of angles.

To wax philosophic for a moment, seeing the campus this way made me think about my task as a teacher. It’s to get students to see the mundane – in this case media that they’ve been immersed in from day 1 – from a new perspective, in order to gain a new appreciation for it and develop a critical eye. I still am trying to get a handle on ways to accomplish this.