Things here have been pretty dedicated to research postings for a while. There’s not a lot that I can say that’s really shareable right now. I haven’t heard back from Cornell, NYU, or Columbia. I learned today that Cornell’s deadline for accepting an offer is April 15th. Usually you’re given at least a month. So, assuming roughly the same timetable for all of my schools, I should know something by the beginning of March.

At RIT, we’re going into week 9 of our 11 week cycle. So things are rapidly approaching a close. There’s a lot of faculty business going on in the background. However, None of it is stuff that I can blog about.

At home things are, well, about the same. The cats continue their benevolant dictatorship over us (provided we keep the feedings coming). Dre and I continue to adjust to married life (meaning I have yet to get a frying pan in the back of the head). And in terms of martial arts, there’s not too much to say. Teaching at RIT has really overshadowed my martial arts practice for quite a bit. I don’t even want to think about what will happen next year.