Just got this be-bop, spam bot mashup and had to share:

from: Romana Carter
subject: anti-technology, bugeja

or on the real relationship

Good afternoon. How is it going? Email me at jj@linkmailmessage.info only. I am lonely girl. I will reply with my pics 5-year-old son recompense. I note and marketing pitches are evaluating claims

Wow. There’s a lot going on in there. I’m not quite sure if she wants to send me pictures of her 5 year old son (Definite mood killer there Romana) or said 5 year old is going to pay me for looking at pictures of his mom (Equally creepy). I am glad that she is taking my marketing pitches seriously.

BTW, Bugeja happens to be the family name of the Maltese Counts della Senia. What the della Senia have against technology is unknown to me.