• Wow. I was stung by a wasp on my hand yesterday and the swelling is really throwing off my typing. Plus my hand looks like a balloon. #
  • @eileen53 the interwebz telz me itz okaz. I'm also going to the doctor tomorrow. in reply to eileen53 #
  • @laerm The stung hand is the home of the chopped finger… My left leg, jealous of all this hand focus points out it was stung too in reply to laerm #
  • RT @ljc: harz harz (@mattbernius ha ha. I can haz apipen? ) #
  • RT Woot! @shrutigoradia: RT @patricialipari: @KodakCB has hit the 10,000+ followers mark! Go Jenny! #
  • Funny (and wrong) PSA's from the future: http://bit.ly/12BYPZ #
  • Ok… deep breath… trying to install windows 7 rc1 lets hope this works #

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