• Gah — total technology failure in the middle of presenting at an O'Reilly online seminar! not good! #
  • 50 minutes is just not enough time for a presentation! Ok… onto student grading and then some blogging… #
  • RT @EFSlattery: RT @inkyelbows: Publishing is not a dying business; it's a CHANGING business. http://bit.ly/2pzX2 (via @laurieabkemeier) #
  • RT @mikerubits: The League of Moveable Type – a collection of open source fonts: http://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/ #
  • @ceejayoz Oh Nooz – what happened to your iPhone? in reply to ceejayoz #
  • Rita Mae's off at obedience lessons? What time is it? It's vacuum time! #

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