After a lot of tweaking I’ve finally settled on a page design that I like for my homepage/blog. I realize that I shouldn’t be this finicky, but when you work on the web you tend to want to put your best foot forward. There is still some tweaking that needs to go on. But it’s a big improvement.This weekend I’m going to be off at Super Summers, a weekend long Martial Arts seminar held at Colgate University in Hamilton NY (about an hour outside of Albany). I’ll be assisting my instructor, Sifu Mark Cardona, instructing 2 seminars. Over the two days (Saturday and Sunday) there will be roughly 40 seminars given in subjects ranging from nutrition to ground fighting. The majority of the material tends to be focused on Karate and other Japanese martial arts. We’re going to be doing a Monkey Kung Fu demo there that will be very different than a lot of the material covered. Because of that we’re expecting a large audience, as it will be a great chance for folks to get exposed to something that they’ve only seen in bad Kung Fu films.

Speaking of bad Kung Fu films, we’ve also been asked to present a demo on Saturday night. The typical demo usually is a form or Kata set to music. Or sometimes a short presentation. In our case, we’re opting for something a bit more original. Basically we’re staging a bad Kung Fu movie (like a Shaw Brother’s production). We’re still working on it, so I’ll have more tomorrow.

In the meantime I need to get the Theatre and Martial Arts pages up and running. But all and all this is a good start.