Ok… I’m a fan boy. I admit it (that’s the first step right?). I watch cartoons. I read fantasy & sci-fi. I defend the validity of sequential art (i.e. comics) as a literary form. I can quote Monty Python. *Sigh* But I also have taste (I swear). So take all of that into consideration when I say: I really don’t like the Spiderman the movie trailer. As many folks may know Spiderman is being turned into a movie. And that’s cool. Especially because Sam Raimi is directing it. So like any fan boy I was excited at the prospect of seeing the trailer when it was released along with Final Fantasy. (This is a good opportunity to take a moment and check out the actual trailer)The trailer begins with a daring bank heist and a get away via copter. The crooks are eventually caught, snared in a giant web between the twin towers. Ok, this is a comic book movie, so suspending disbelief isn’t a problem. After you take that in Spidey pops up into the frame and then swings off to a techno beat with the usual coming soon interstitials. All good, right? So why was I disappoint when I finally saw it?

Well, let me break it down to a single point: it wasn’t fun. There are dark brooding superheroes and then there is Spiderman. He is a fun character. That doesn’t mean he’s lightweight. In fact this guy has been through tons of pain & guilt (considering that he is indirectly responsible for the death of his surrogate father and his first girlfriend). But his greatest strength is to meet all of it with a good attitude and an often-flip demeanor. And most importantly he’s a talker… no check that, he’s a wise-ass. It’s an endearing part of the character. It’s a core part of the character. Batman will slowly approach you and intimidate with silence. Spidey on the other hand will talk your ear off. He wields his wit like a weapon. There is no way that he wouldn’t throw off a on-liner, even a bad one, after that type of catch (i.e. “Thanks for dropping in”). It seems like a little thing, however it’s the small characterizations and details that really add reality to an artificial world. And it could have been pulled off without additional rendering. I only hope that this isn’t a sign of what is to come from the movie.

Also why techno? What is the obsession with Techno? It has a serious tone. We’ve just seen a helicopter trapped in a giant web and a man in pajamas swinging around New York City. The juxtaposition just doesn’t work for me. I understand that the creators want a certain amount of grit to their world. A great alternative would have been to use the Ramone’s cut of the famed Spiderman Saturday Morning Cartoon theme. It has edge but it maintains the level of fun at the same time.

In any case, in the tradition of The Phantom Edit, someone has recut the trailer. While I don’t care for the addition of the comic book beginning, the changes in music and new end editing makes the overall product much more enjoyable. Check it out HERE!