ders: this is going to be a short one. Both because I have only 5 minutes to post and because a certain person *chough*tina*cough* at lunch commented that I can only write long rambling blogs

If anyone in the Rochester area reading this has a “Gold #10” sticker from the Wegmans contest, let me know as I’ll be happy to split the $250,000 with you (as I’ve got #’s 7-9). My guess though is all the Gold 10’s ended up in the little known Wegmans in the middle of Bali.

Other than that, I’ve been sick. Now I’m feeling better. I went to Pittsburgh to see Di and check out CMU’s Interaction Design Program. I’m considering that or doing their one year HCI program + the one year interdisciplinary Social Sciences degree at University of Chicago (basically two degrees in half the time). That and I accidently cut myself demoing how to use a butterfly knife (I was borrowing one and the set up on this one was different than mine) last night at Kung Fu. There you go, everything in two paragraphs… :-)