Audience Participation: Design my 2002 look!

I’ve teased about this for a while, now here it is: As 2002 approaches I find myself unsure of what I should do with my “do.” My hair is in its usual floppy, a little longer than it should be, state. I’ve had the same glasses for over two years. For example, here are some examples of old looks I’ve had:

I need a change, to update my image, and I need ideas. That’s where you come in. I’m looking for suggestions from my vast audience. How do you do this you ask? Have some fun with PhotoShop!

Click for a Matt
with a lot less hair
ready to edit :-)

I’ll provide two pictures, one of me with hair and glasses (to the right) one without (to get to that one click on the picture to the right… I’m not masochistic enough to publish it directly on the page). Download the pictures and go to town. Change the hair, the glasses, throw it on a body with differnt cloths. Then e-mail the results to me. The responses will displayed right here on my blog. And who knows, the best one might become my new look for 2002 (premiering on or about Jan 1). So have fun and get creative (or get serious and help me figure out what to do with my hair ’cause I’m looking for good ideas too!)