one outta two’s not bad

Last night, Don (my theatre co-conspirator) and I took in our second play of the weekend. Beth Henley’s Crimes of the Heart was staged by Wild Wimmin ETCetera Theatre Company, a local community group focused on women’s theatre (what ever the hell that means). Ugg… it could best described as an “after school special” play. Three southern sisters overcome their troubles and grow stronger. Of course each has a life problem worthy of a “very special” Lifetime movie (whose titles would start “Not without my *insert noun here*). Plus the Southern accents threw most of the cast. Lot of flubbed lines.

Now that we’ve just about set a date for the plays that I’m working on I’m starting to get concerned about their quality. Especially since I’m directing them. I just want to make sure that we’re offering the best product possible (better than what I saw last night). I’m pretty sure that we can, but I wish we were further along. We have a rehearsal tonight so I’ll have a better idea about the condition of things after that.