it’s a beautiful day

Well, I’m slowly recovering. Last night I spent a lot of time cleaning my apartment (I can see the floor again… woo hoo). I’ve already had two meetings about the next play (I can’t believe that it’s starting already), thankfully I’m not directing this one. And I’m getting ready for two weekends out of Rochester. This weekend, I’ll be traveling to scenic NJ, to meet up with Heather and other old friends and go to Mideavel Times. Then next weekend I’m off to North Carolina to hook up with my brothers Glenn and Paul and take in a Bluegrass Festival!

In the meantime the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Rochester. Yesterday we celebrate it by having lunch outside. Kodak Tower is located right by the Genese River and a local waterfall called “High Falls” (which while it’s high, it’s no where near as high as Niagara Falls, though it was high enough for Sam Patch [there’s another blog topic right there]). Here are a couple shots:

I like to call this pick Tony loves all the lovely ladies

Some of us were impressed by the majestic nature of High Falls

Me, I was just sleepy. Actually this is me trying to do a Tiger Beat cover model impersonation, but my eyes were too closed

I’m happy to say that everyone stayed on the right side of the rails. Everyone, except a poor doomed orange.