‘lil more blog love

The day continues to be pretty amazing. There is a spirit of compartiotism and togetherness that I have never expereinced at a music festival before. Perhaps it’s that the bluegrass tradition is one where just about everyone covers each other material. Much like Jazz or Classical, the creation of interpretation of existing material is as important as the creation of new works. Artists are constantly making guest appearances or recommending other shows to go see. I even got to hear Dan Tyminski perform Man of Constant Sorrow. Dan, of Alison Krauss and Union Station, provided George Clooney’s singin’ voice in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?.

Also apple slices covered in caramel and nut bits are super yummy. I love festival food (especially when it’s relativly fairly priced).

Cool Beans and Bluegrass

This is going to be short. I’m currently blogging from an internet terminal at the Merle Watson Memorial Bluegrass Feastival in North Carolina. So far it’s been great. The temp isn’t too hot and the music is great. I’ve already heard a great band called Pinmonkey. They managed to pull off Sugar Ray with a bluegrass flair. It was so wrong and yet so right.

Of course it’s also been a usual trip in that it only took us about 10 minutes after arriving for me to get separated from my brothers (no wonder my mother used to keep me on a leash… seriously). I did find them and now we’re off to Mando Mania: an hour plus of mandolin music. Alison Kraus and Union Station are the headliners tonight. In between there’ll be some BBQ goodness as well.