feast or famine

oy. Some days you can’t find anything to blog about. Other days you have way too much stuff to write about. I’m occupying the second space right now. Unfortunately as a result of all the stuff I have to write about I don’t have much time to blog. It’s a vicious circle. But I did carve some time out today to update the page a bit:

  • There’s a new MP3 up and I fixed the link to the old one
  • I added more quotes. There are about 20 now and more to follow
  • I also updated my links column

Speaking of updated links there is something that I want to mention…

my mom rocks!

she does! First of all she has her own website. Yes, you to can learn about what’s going on in her Gym Classes in Amityville! She built the page all by herself and that’s really cool (well, I mean it’s no blog… but its not bad)! Go ma Bernius!

What’s not so cool is that she decided to try to start a flame war in the comments section of this site. If you check out the comments for the last posting you see this comment she made:

Regarding #5 on your list–I beg to differ with you. You were not age 2 or so at the time of your self inflicted hair cut, because we didn’t trust you with a scissors until age 7 because of your manipulative capabilities.

I object to that. First of all I totally got to use the scissors (albeit the round edge “safety model”). But more importantly if there was a manipulative one at age 7 (or before) it was my brother Glenn. He, before he was five, was able to convince our brother Paul, the middle one in the family, to draw on the walls of the living room. However Glenn, that criminal mastermind, opted not to participate in the activity himself to avoid being caught. That’s way worse than anything I did. I was a complete angel.

And that’s the story I’m sticking to.