busy, busy, busy

Title says it all. I still haven’t succeeded in putting down any of the balls I have in the air. Work has become much more exciting (which is good) but also my time consuming (which is bad). As Tom, my boss puts it, this will be the Summer of Learning. 100% of my focus will be on recreating kodak.com’s learning content. Ever since I joined the company I’ve wanted to take a crack at it. And now I’m getting my chance. But at the same time it’s a huge and high profile project, one that requires a lot of attention. And I need to figure out how to give it that attention.

Competing with it is the current play that Exact Theatre is working on: Jean Genet’s The Balcony. And that has been one heck of a learning experience. In retrospect I don’t think staging it this summer was the best idea. We’re doing our best to split our time between getting this play done and planning our first full season. Oh and trying to find people to sponsor the seasons (if you know any rich people who are looking to sponsor a small theatre company, please let me know). On the plus side we’ve all but nailed the plays for the season. The big debate is if we should do two or three plays. We’ll have settled that by August.

Another thing I’m balancing is Martial Arts and general mind and body fitness. I’m running every other morning, which is still a tough thing to do for me. I haven’t had as much mental time to work on Kung Fu and I’m really disappointed about that. Plus, the weekend of the Super Summers Martial Arts conference that I’m attending is also the opening weekend of the show. Oy. So I’ll be there for the first two show nights and miss the third performance.

Plus somewhere in there I need to fit my friends. And of course the universe would see fit to choose this exact moment for a new girl to come into my world. Darn Universal Irony… it gets me again. Any hoo, I’ve met this super cool new girl named Drea. We’ve been out a few time (well more than a few time, but not yet a lot) and things are going well. Thankfully she is as busy (if not more) as I am, so at least that smoothes things out a little big.

But in all of this, blogging is falling to the bottom of the list. So I’ll probably stay on every other day updates during the week for a while. Plus I’m trying to work in an occasional weekend update and a redesign in there somewhere.