getting things going

here are some shot’s I’ve taken over the last couple night of us working to start to prepare the new home of Renaissance Martial Arts. As you can see, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Thankfully, a lot of it is being handled by the landlord/professionals.

This is a view of the inside looking toward the entrance. This was taken while the drop ceiling was still up. A half wall will go in by the door and the office and dressing rooms will be located at that end.

This is looking toward the back left corner of the room. When we’re finished most of this area will be matted for grappling classes.

The back right corner. The landlord still has to finish the wall on the right. This will eventually be the main class area. Once the wall is finished then mirrors will be going up on it.
Our resident bruiser, Brian, carefully removing tiles. The masks were just to protect us from the dust and fiberglass insulation.
Pat’s working to take the ceiling down with a rattan staff. How’s that for contemporary use of training?