busy clippers… Things are just flying by right now. Work has been hectic, but great. (side note: have you ever noticed that I like to write that something’s been crazy, then immediately follow it up with “but good” or “but great.” Sigh, it’s a sign of lazy writing I guess). Learning content for kodak.com keeps progressing.

As for the school, things are really shaping up. The ceiling is down, the lights are up and the floor has been redone. It’s looking beautiful. There’s still a ways to go though and only two weekends left to the festival and grand opening. That’s pretty scary!

Speaking of the school I spent most of last night updating the website. I now remember how much I hate and love web design. I’m still struggling with table rendering across different browsers. IE for some reason doesn’t want to constrain the navigation tables to the pixel widths I specified and I can’t figure out why…. Still, check it out at renMartialArts.com.

Things for the third annual Chinese, Indonesian and Filipino Martial Arts Festival are going great. We have a great line up this year and it should be two great days. Now if things would go smoothly for the Exact Theatre Project I’d be totally rockin’ and rolling. If anyone knows anyone willing to spot a couple thousand dollars to a struggling non profit, please let me know.

Photo de jour