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So I haven’t been able to update the site on any consistent base in a while. Life’s been really busy. Unfortunately, as of late, it seems like I only have time to blog around major, and often tragic, events. So, quickly (with RIT’s quarter drawing to its close, I have a mountain of grading to do) here’s some good things:

  • My presentation at the American Anthropological Association’s national conference went well. It looks like I’ll get a journal publication out of it.
  • The quarter itself has gone pretty well, in particular a lot of strides have been made at setting up a publishing research lab here at the school. More on that soon.
  • Our (boy) cat Lewis, has made a full recovery after having two toes amputated because of a cancerous growth.
  • I got a new phone/pocket pc, which has helped me get organized.
  • I was a judge in a national variable data print competition.
  • The blog helped me reconnect with an old friend.
  • Dre and I are succeeding in getting out (and traveling) to see friends and family. At this rate, who knows, we might actually go on our Honeymoon this year.
  • I was awarded my teaching rank (black sash) in Kung Fu.

I’m sure there’s more, but my timer is going off, reminding me that it’s time to get back to grading.

LJC organized “Mexican Museum Night” in honor of an exhibit of Mexican Wrestling Photography that just opened at the Eastman House and a show of Latin American and Latino art at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Dre and I agreed that, of the two shows, the MAG’s TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art, is the one to see. While I loved the Mexican Wrestling photos, that exhibit was marred by some of the worst signage I’ve ever seen. Not only were the notes written in incomprehensible academic speak (and I’ve read many of the works they were referencing), but they were full of typos and mispellings (enough that I even I noticed). It was pretty embarrassing all things considered.

TRANSactions, on the other hand, was uniformly excellent. The art was really challenging (its one of the more “gutsy” shows I’ve seen at the MAG) and the presentation was excellent.

After the museums, we headed across the street to Selena’s. Aaron’s new friend Domo came along for the ride. Unforunately, when Aaron’s back was turned, Domo got a little frisky with Jenny. I’ve been told that Domo has chalked up this unfortunate incident to the booze.

LJC and Tomo

I’m sitting in my car waiting for a bakery to open so I can buy some goodies for Jenny & company.

As far as Chicago goes, god. l have so much to do. It’s really scary. On the short list, l have to find an apartment. Sometimes, I just don’t know where to start. One thing at a time, right?

I’ve been working on a major project at to translate and publish our Photography Learning Content into Chinese. Currently we’re hitting some speed bumps. It’s strange working with a culture that perfected bureaucracy while Europe was in the middle of the dark ages.

i feel lost right now. My gut is telling me that I should be working on something, but there isn’t much to do in the “afterglow” of NeXt (the relauch of I have a bunch of projects that I need to finish outside of work (the top two being cleaning my apartment and finish cutting John and Cindy’s wedding video), but I just don’t feel comfortable leaving work early? Dumb huh? No matter, I’m going to jet out after lunch and get to work on that stuff.