happy monday

I opened the posting interface for blogger at about 8.45am this morning and I’ve just gotten to a point were I could even write anything. Busy morning! I’m back to normal. Last week was spent recovering from the Martial Arts weekend, and everything that led up to that. The tail end of last week was a lot of fun. The High Falls Film Festival was held here in town and I got to see three films I’d been really interested in:

Today it’s back to the grind. I’m catching up on work here at kodak.com. Tonight should be interesting, if not painful. The school officially opens and I’ll start back up with Martial Arts for the first time in two months. I haven’t worked out since we began work on the school. And with the exception of an odd push up or sit up here and there, I haven’t exercised either. So I’m looking forward to class tonight with some trepidation (o.k. a lot of it!).