a short transmission

Sorry for the lack of posting. A lot has transpired, but I just don’t want to write about it yet. Suffice to say things are going to be rather tough at kodak.com for a while and a lot of change is coming. Until it comes, there ain’t much to do (other than get ready). So I’m concentrating on getting the learning content I’ve been working on polished and out.

Outside of work, I’ve embarked on an intense training program for Martial Arts. Basically I’ve chosen a subset of moves and practice them 1000 times (basically 50 techniques a day X 20 days) times over the course of a month. The rational for this is after 1000 repetitions or so you burn the technique into muscle memory. So the theme of this month is kicks (Side and Roundhouse, front and rear leg), so I’ve already thrown about 160 reps of each kick (so 640 kicks overall). My eventual goal will be to get the martial arts page back up and running and track progress there (sorta like a diet blog). That’s about it for the moment.