continuing the insomniac postings

Can’t sleep. This is two nights in a row and its really bugging me. I don’t know if I just have too much going on or what but I just can’t seem to quiet my mind. Even meditation isn’t working. I’m seriously considering heading over to the school and working out for a while.

In other news we’re working to start Exact Theatre up again. We were unable to get a grant this year which means no performance in the short term. Which actually is fine with me. I’m working as a creative consultant on a play that my theatre mentor is staging and that is about all I can handle for the moment. I still have too many issues that I need to come to terms with from the Balcony. However in the meantime Exact (now the Exact Theatre Project) is sponsoring a series of open discussion on the local theatre scene and group play readings. Our first will be in two weeks. We’re anxious to see if anyone shows up.