I have no right to be any where near as tired as I’ve been for the last few days. I just don’t seem to have any energy. Or focus for that matter. One the plus side, I’ve been getting a lot of things accomplished at work. And outside of work for that matter. I attribute both of those successes to maintaining lists. I’ve gotten to the point where I carry two small spiral bound notebooks with me at all times. One’s for work “to-do’s”, the other for personal ones. And I’ve managed to knock a lot of stuff off those lists.

Unfortunately, this accomplishing of goals has led to rather dry blog posts. In fact my brother Glenn has heckled me about this recently. So I do promise that I’m going to try to be more interesting in the days and weeks to come. On the other hand I’ve consistantly updated both blogs on time and one schedule, so that has to be worth something.