UHaul… U Suck!

I should have known better than to trust any organization with a “U” in it’s name with my future. As long time readers and friends know, I’ve had a long standing war with UPS (who have done thier best to kill many a mardi gras party). Well I never considered the implications of the dreaded “U” in another company I have been engaged in commerce with.

UHaul lost my reservation!

Let me repeat that for full dramatic effect:

U-Haul lost my fucking reservation!

Yeah, the “F” bomb is desereved. So that (combined with the remaining packing I have) is delaying my exit stage left from Rochester by a day. I’ll be picking up the trailer tomorrow if all goes well. If not, then I’m in real trouble.

Chicago, I’m still coming. It’s just going to be another day or so.