The finals are taking far more time than expected. As such, I’m not going to get those pictures up just yet. Hopefully I’m be more out in front of things by tomorrow.

On a slightly different note, as the last post suggested, it turns out that a number of folks who are checking out the MAPSS (Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences here at the University of Chicago) program are coming across this blog. As I posted please feel free to ask me questions. Also, let me know if you are coming to the Campus Days event in April. I’ll be one of the tour guides for it. Plus a bunch of us are talking about putting together a “after hours” meet and greet with students at one of the local watering holes. I’ll make sure you know when and where.

Quickly though, here are a couple answers to be big questions:

1. Should I do MAPSS?

Short answer: yes
Long answer: if you are willing to work, it’s a great program. Arguably more intense than any single year of a PhD program. It will help sharpen your skills, focus your research, and hopefully get you into a better PhD program/get you more money when you go there.

2. Is MAPSS just a cash cow program?
The only people I have heard express that view are U of C undergrads. At least the MAP’ers who run in my circles are hanging and banging with the best Anthro/Psych PhD’s this school has to offer. One of my friends has already been accepting into the Anthro PhD program here at U of C. We’re on first name basis with some of the top Profs and researchers in the world. I know MAP’ers who are involved in top flight research and are co-presenting with Professors at conferences.

So no… I don’t think it’s a cash cow program. Nor do people like John and Jean Comaroff, Michael Siverstein, Susan Gal, Bertram Cohler, John Cacioppo, and many others.

3. Is U of C competitive?
Yes no maybe… can you repeat the question?

For MAPSS no. I think most of the competitiveness occurs on the undergraduate level. Don’t get me wrong, U of C is INTENSE. But all of the competition is with myself, not with my classmates.