Ok. As an attempt to move away from the doom and gloom blogs, I’ll tell you about my current plans and solicit advice. As you might know, I need a job. And I’m currently in the process of applying to a number of places such as McKinsey & Company and Harris Interactive. However, both processes are going to take a while. So, I need something to tide me over. And since I have a thesis to complete, it really needs to be part time. So I’m thinking either Starbucks or retail. The benefit with Starbucks (or a similar type of Coffee place) is that I get a discount on Coffee, I get some level of indy cred (admittedly much less if its Starbucks) and if I work more than 20 hours I get some form of health insurance. On the other side, if I work at a place like the Gap, I get a discount on clothes and can revamp my wardrobe, which I really need to do.

So wadda ya think? Or should I go the Wegmans route? Advice would be much appreciated.

Drea Update: She’s doing better. We’re hoping Monday. Thanks for all the notes of support.

Thesis Update: Drea’s doing better. Visit Headnotes to see my latest issues.