As part of my Data Driven Print class, I want to present some models of how ideas spread through communities. One of the ones I wish to address is Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point. If this was a graduate class, or perhaps I was at a different school, I’d probably make the entire class read the book. However, that isn’t a current option.

I seem to remember that around 2000/2001, as the book was beginning to gain popularity, a business magazine published an article, possibly by Gladwell, that encapsulated the core concepts of the book. This is an article that I’d really like to use. The problem is I have no idea where it appeared. It might have been in Fast Company. But I’m not sure.

So, I turn to you, gentle blog reader. If anyone out there has any ideas where it might have appeared can you let me know. Just drop me a comment. I’ll be your adoring fan for ever!