The last 24 hours has run the gamut. I had the Lab Class from hell yesterday. The students were great, but the teacher didn’t test the lab on the teaching computer. The sad discovery was that MS Excel on the PC functions differently than it does on the Mac. A painful time followed as, jarred, I stumbled through the rest of the lesson. All-in-all, everything is fine. But, I did add an important “scar” to my back and learned a lesson that I won’t soon forget.

Today’s Principles of Printing course ran much more smoothly (excepting the fact that I was up until 1.00am this morning working on the lecture). I gave my first quiz, and, considering the fact that most were done in under 10 minutes, I’m optimistic about the results.

So, I’ve made it through the first week. I’m now much more prepared for what is to follow.