This first week of school is going amazingly fast. Wednesdays are definitely going to be bears for the next ten weeks ??? two classes, adding up to about three and a half hours of lecture. That said, I???m feeling like I???m getting a bit ahead of things. Just a bit.

Revamping the syllabi was the right thing to do. That said, trying to do it in half a quarter was really pushing things. Especially since I had yet to really experience the classroom environment. Now, with three classes under my belt ??? and my first lab later this afternoon ??? I???m starting to get into the flow of things.

The key rule seems to be ~30 PowerPoint slides for every hour of class. This is similar to the general rule that you can recite (uninterrupted) 9 double-spaced pages of 12 point type in roughly 15 minutes.

In the meantime, the theme of my life is ???write, write, write???.??? I have to finish prepping for today???s lab, write my quiz for tomorrow, and polish the related lecture. Probably that???s why my desk has looked like this all week:


Messy desk