Ok quick review on things:

Done Items:

  • applications for PhD programs – Check. Cornell, NYU, and Columbia are all in. I just confirmed that Cornell has all my materials. So things are good there.
  • redesign for WordPress – Check. Things seem to finally be holding together and the Frank Cost youTube isn’t blowing the page out anymore. I also upgraded WordPress. I have to say that, plus the new version of Firefox is a great combination (in particular FireFox’s built in spell checking).
  • Finally, got the PS2 hooked up again and rocked out with Guitar Hero. Drea rocked to. We rocked hard. Thanks again Aaron.

Mostly Done Items

  • grading – all but caught up.
  • revised CV/Resume – one last edit to go.
  • filing the past few month’s mail – just about there.

Still to do

  • Finish writing and uploading the rest of the website.
  • Revise my thesis for the next round of publications tries.
  • Get consulting gigs up and running.
  • Work on wiki research.
  • Get back on exercise program.

Still, Aught-Seven is off to a good start.